The Covid Chronicles

Your pandemic story matters. We’d love for you to share it with us.

As the COVID-19 pandemic transforms lives across the city, nation, and world, Milton Public Library seeks to document this pivotal moment in our history by hearing and preserving your stories.

We invite you to submit, via an online form, personal stories of living through a pandemic.

How do I submit my story?

  1. Review the FAQ section below.
  2. Create your story in your most favourite format.
  3. Complete the Covid Chronicles submission form and upload your file.
  4. Review and accept the terms of the agreement. (You retain the copyright of your submission but you agree to let MPL preserve it)
  • FAQs

    Why do we want to preserve your pandemic stories?

    The Milton Public Library is committed to preserving and making accessible the stories that shape our history so that people today, along with future generations, can better understand our world and each other. The stories we collect will document the experiences of people from all walks of life, in their own words. The digital files will be preserved and made available to the public, scholars, journalists, and students for decades to come.

    Who can contribute?

    Anyone 18 years or older can contribute their story to The Covid Chronicles.

    What should I talk about?

    The pandemic has affected almost all aspects of our lives, and this project seeks as many unique stories as possible. We’re looking for reflections on families and parenting, education and cultural institutions, business and work, essential workers, life in quarantine, health care and hospitals, trauma and mourning, the recession, mutual aid, art and literature, community organizations, and much more.

    What rights do I grant MPL when I agree to submit my stories?

    Before submitting your file, you must read and accept an agreement detailing the terms of submission. When you submit your story to The Covid Chronicles, you will retain the copyright of your submission, and you are agreeing to let MPL use it and preserve it.

    Can I submit my story anonymously?

    You are required to share your name and contact information when you submit your story. If you prefer that your submission be made anonymous to researchers, you can indicate this in the form by selecting “anonymous.”

    Please note that MPL will retain names and contact information for all contributors whether or not they choose to anonymize their submission.

    If you choose to anonymize your story, take care not to mention your name in your recording/text/video, or to share any identifying information that you would not want a future researcher to hear. MPL will not edit or redact submissions to remove identifying information.

    Will my story definitely make it into the collection?

    All the stories will be screened before they are uploaded on the portal. The Covid Chronicles project seeks to gather as many different and diverse stories as possible about the pandemic and its many impacts. MPL reserves the right not to include a submission in the collection if it does not meet technical requirements or does not address the topic of the project.

    When will my story be made accessible to the public?

    The Library takes great care in its review and description of collection items. Each submission goes through a formal accessioning process; undergoes review, preservation, and cataloging; and is then made accessible to the public in accordance with MPL’s practices and policies. As such, it may be some time before the Covid Chronicles collection is fully processed and made available to the public.

    What are the specifications of the files to be uploaded?

    It depends on the format of the file you're submitting.

    1. Audio files: No more than 1MB per minute of recording 
    2. Video files: Maximum size is 100 MB. The system supports videos in MP4 format.
    3. Text files: 500 KB
    4. Default Allowable File Type options:
      1. GIF JPEG PNG
      2. PDF DOC DOCX
      3. MP4 MOV RTF

    Whom should I contact for any questions?

    Please email; you will get a response in 24 hours.